The LEAD Force - Adapting Transformational Leadership for NextGen Schools March 25 - May 25, 2021

The LEAD Force
The LEAD Force

"School leadership is second only to classroom teaching as an influence on pupil learning."

- (Leithwood, K., Day, C., Sammons, P., Harris, A. and Hopkins, D. (2006), 'Seven strong claims about successful school leadership')

This training program is focused around the principles of mentoring and reflective learning, inclusive and digitally strengthened leadership. If anything, the 2020 has taught us that the people who need to evolve the most are school leaders. Therefore, this program is designed to help novice and experienced persons in leadership positions to embrace the ongoing evolution in education. The program has three focal areas

Total Course Hours: 48 hours

Unit Topic Duration
Leadership Theories and Basics 4 hours
Ethical Leadership and GVV 6 hours
Leading through Mentorship 4 hours
Leadership Skills 4 hours
Designing SIPs 6 hours
Unit Topic Duration
Digital Leadership 2 hours
Tools for Digital Leaders 6 hours
Designing Digitally Enhanced Curricula 4 hours
Unit Topic Duration
SEN 4 hours
Creating Inclusive Schools 4 hours
Social emotional Skills for Leaders 4 hours

Wajeeha Zameer:

Wajeeha is a dedicated educationist, passionate about the core belief that one person can indeed impact a greater change. Her advocacy of innovative education is not new and is backed by a decade long experience and academic endeavors, she holds a B.Ed and M.Ed. with a gold medal to boast off and is awaiting her M.Phil. in Education. Her vision for Pakistan is to be able to create a framework for education which is at par with those around the globe. Wajeeha's passion for her profession has led her into teacher training, school consultancy, and educational philanthropy from the platform of the Inst. Of Excellence in Learning and Teaching. Some of the prominent projects from the institute that she contributed to include, Edtech Curricular Integration and Teacher Training for Habib Girls' School, the 1st Teachers' Roadmap Conference, Virtu-Con 1.0, Curriculum Development, and teacher training for Skillston, and more. Currently, Wajeeha is associated with Hamdard University as a Lecturer for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and as a project-based trainer with IBA, SIPD, and Multiply Ed in Pakistan. Wajeeha aspires to obtain in Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Metacognitive Curriculum and Assessment practices.

Naina Hassan Ali:

Naina Hassan Ali is a young professional in the field of education, having more than 10 years of experience in research, practice, teaching and learning. She has recently completed her M.Phil (Education) from the Institute of Business Management, Karachi (IOBM). Her specialization includes peace education and its application in B.Ed program. Also, she wants to educate the concept of peace education to all teachers, therefore, conducted various trainings and sessions on peace education at higher education institutes such as SMUI, AKU-IED, IOBM, etc. Furthermore, she has also presented research papers both locally and internationally. Moreover, she wishes to pursue her PhD around the same theme. Currently she is working at Hamdard University (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) as Program coordinator and lecturer. Her vision incudes bridging the gap between theory and practice in education system.

Sukaina Hussain Ali

Sukaina Hussain has been an educationist for the past 15 years. Since she found herself oriented more towards students with learning problems, this led to her becoming a:

She has taken various courses on the following:

She has also conducted training sessions regarding the above in the interior parts of Sindh.

She is also a part of the "Teachers Development Camp" by IBA.

Moreover, she has worked at renowned schools as a part of the Management as well as a key teacher.

Currently she is working as a Special Need/ Remedial Coordinator.



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