Supply Chain Management as a Career Path Toolbox for Supply Chain AspirantsApril 17-24

Supply Chain Recipe, Tools & Techniques for beginners
Supply Chain Recipe, Tools & Techniques for beginners

This training workshop is designed to provide tools & techniques to supply chain entrants to adhere them with the basic functioning of all areas of supply chain. The subject workshop includes all basic supply chain positions which are usually advertised on day-to-day basis. These tools and techniques are beneficial for the participants who are either starting their career in supply chain, switching to new function within supply chain or want to enhance end to end supply chain practical knowledge.





Target role


Supply & Demand Planning

-   Sales & Operational Planning (SNOP)

-   Master Production Schedule (MPS)

-   Material Resource Planning (MRP)

-   Bill of Material (BOM)
-    Do & Don'ts of SNOP Meeting

-    Calculations & Discussion on MPS & MRP

-    Tools for evaluating BOM

o    Supply chain planner

o    Material planner/Scheduler

o    Finished goods planner/Scheduler



Inventory forecasting & Management

-   Basics of Forecasting

-   Data analytics for forecasting

-   Forecasting techniques

-   Material Master (MM)

-   Inventory Management KPIs


-    Single & Multiple SKU Forecasting

-    ABC Inventory Analysis

-    Calculation for Safety Stocks & Re-Order Levels

o    Demand forecasting planner


Customer services and logistics


-   Customer Services within Supply Chain

-   Warehousing

-   Need for Warehousing

-   Logistics Management
-    Warehousing utilization

-    Warehousing KPIs

-    Essential tools for logistics


o    Warehouse and logistics officer/ customer service officer/ commercial officer


Procurement in Supply Chain


-   Evolution of Procurement

-   Ingredients of a good Procurement policy

-   P2P Cycle

-   Supplier relationship and performance management

-   Supplier development

-   Contracts management
-    RFQ & Tender document preparation

-    Key Procurement KPIs

-    Supplier evaluation forms

-    Contract writing and proofing

-    Dashboard for Supplier Evaluation
o    Warehouse and logistics officer/ customer service officer/ commercial officer

o    Procurement officer


Negotiation Management

-   Planning Negotiation with the Supplier

-   Negotiation Tactics
-    Subjective techniques for making good deals

-    Comparison Sheets of Quotations
o    Procurement Officer

o    Commercial Officers



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